Blue Penguins Pukekura

Little Blue Penguin

Love penguins? Discover Kororā, the Little Blue Penguin, the world's smallest penguin, in their natural habitat - scurrying up to their cliff-face burrows at Pilots Beach on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, in a magical setting.

Enjoy seeing blue penguins arrive in a magical wildlife setting.

Come to Pukekura, a haven for penguins. On the tour your guide will share stories about Kororā, the Little Blue Penguin, the world’s smallest penguin. You'll be guided down to the beach to a viewing platform to see them in their natural habitat as they arrive home. Blue Penguins Pukeura is a conservation project between the Korako Karetai family and Otago Peninsula Trust - funds raised go to penguin care.


The Blue Penguins Can be visited as part of the following tours: